Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Copper Lion define success in selling a property?

Copper Lion defines a successful sale as;
- adhering and exceeding the specialized needs of each client
- getting from listing to offer acceptance in three weeks
- closing within a range of 95%-105% of the expertly calculated listing price
- a seamless and stress-free process that you enjoy!


How does selling my home with Copper Lion work?

Copper Lion's selling process is designed to be simple and effective first. Our team will provide professional signage, photos, a virtual tour, electronic brochures, and other effective selling tools.

Second, we will calculate a listing price and a selling strategy for your home. We will create listings on MLS, Realtor.ca, and Criblist we will then heavily market your property on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to get YOUR property the most exposure.

Third, we will arrange showings to allow prospective buyers to see the property.

Finally, our team will handle the negotiation process and be there along the entire journey to make the home selling experience one that is stress-free, and that gets YOU the most money.


Will I get the same visibility with Copper Lion that I get with another brokerage?

In the modern real estate environment, most (if not all) research is done online through the MLS, MLX, Realtor.ca, CribList, and other platforms.

Copper Lion will market your property on all available platforms, launch an aggressive advertising and social media campaign, and create a listing that captures the perfect view of your home. This multi-faceted approach will generate maximum visibility.


What does it mean that I pay a “fixed fee” to sell my home?

Copper Lion's flat fee-based system sounds exactly like it works; you pay one flat fee ($4,000) no matter what price your house sells. The flat fee system generously favours the homeowner compared to the relatively high costs of up to 2.5% for a selling agent.


How does Copper Lion get me the best price for my home?

Copper Lion’s real estate specialists are expertly informed with past, current, and projected market conditions. They know everything about your market – they’re continually studying market conditions because they provide complete Comparative Market Analyses for hundreds of properties every year. They know what’s currently on the market, what has sold, what’s not selling, and most importantly, why and why NOT properties have sold. Our team takes this knowledge and uses it to craft a special and bespoke price and strategy for each listing.


Will Copper Lion help me with my asking price?

Copper Lion’s Team of Real estate Professionals will provide you with a customized Comparative Market Analysis and pricing strategy to help you reach your unique selling goals. Even though you’re saving thousands of dollars in commission, that doesn’t mean you have to sell for less than you would with any other brokerage. We price your home according to its market value, not according to our fee structure.


How does Copper Lion deal with offers?

When you receive an offer for your home, we handle every part of the negotiations with you. We will be there to advise if the offer is good or if you can do better, when to just walk away, and when to accept. Our team will handle the tedious paperwork and due diligence necessary, and send all signatures electronically via secure electronic signature. Copper Lion will also be there to assist you beyond the close of your house with partnerships with local lawyers, movers, maintenance specialists and any other needs your home selling journey may encounter.


Do I have to do everything myself?

No. Copper Lion will be there to help you every step along the way. The only portions that you will complete yourself are the showings and the open houses. For every other step on your home selling journey, Copper Lion will be right by your side.


Why do I have to pay the listing fee upfront?

The initial charge will help cover some of the listing and marketing costs associated with selling your home as well as the time and effort our team will put into it. The flat fee also ensures that both Copper Lion and you, the homeowner, are committed to the process. It is a small investment to reap great benefits once your home is sold!

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